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Holly A. Roddenbery

Holly A. Roddenbery


I am a student of life and silversmith. My southern roots run deep as I was born and raised in the small town of Cairo, GA. The moral values and respect for hard work and dedication I learned there forwarded me to take on a creative path that led me to be a metalsmith and jeweler. I received my BFA in Art from Valdosta State University in 2015. There, I gleaned much knowledge about art and design and found my passion working with metals.

A major life occurrence during my second year in college ushered me to take on my own “sabbatical.” It was then that I found my faith and knowing in God and developed a deep desire for seeking wisdom and living as a student of life. My artwork has become a reflection of this romance.

I am currently working on my Masters degree at East Carolina University and am residing in Greenville, North Carolina. Here, I am developing the intuitive processes that I use to create harmonic designs which contemplate healing. I am also working on research for a future production jewelry line called “Honey of the Rock.”

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